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The Populace are gathered in the courtyard; the Boyars, with Prince Shouisky at their head, enter and pass into the Convent, and presently a Police Officiai appears and spurs on the people to a demonstration.

The populace, addressing themselves to the Tzar, who has retired to the seclu- sion of the Convent, beseech' him to listen to their prayers and once more assume the sceptre of Russia. Tchelkalov, Secretary of the Duma, appears from the Convent and informs the crowd' that the Tzar remains inflexible to the appeals of his subjects. A number of Pilgrims enter, also bent upoii a similar errand to the Tzar. They distribute icons among the people and ali join in an anthem, as the curtain descends.

The second scene shows a celi in the Convent of Miracles. From the interior come at intervals the chants of other Monks at prayer. Gregory awakes from a horrible dream which he relates to Pimenn who counsels him to pray more, so that such corrupting visions may not bave dominion over his youthful mind. He assures him that the splendors of the world are not worth the price one pays for them and reminds him that even a Tzar had retired to the seclusion of a monastery, good man though he had been.

As the beli rings for matins, Pimenn leaves his companion, who, alone, bemoans the fate of the murdered Tzarevitch and the misdeeds of the Tzar, whose acts Pimenn has been chronicling for posterity. The scene is now removed to the great Square between the two Cathe- drals of the Assumption and the Archangels. He addresses them and followed by renewed shouts of joy, he enters the Cathedral of the Assumption. The Innkeeper is singing to herself, when she is startled by the sound of voices from without.

The three bave escaped from their Monastery and are anxious to reach Lithuania. The innkeeper serves them with wine and tells Gregory by what way he can get into Lithuania, advising him to be cautious, as soldiers are on the lookout for a fugitive and ali travellers are being held up.

Varlaam grows drowsy with the wine and falls into a drunken sleep, singing snatches of song. An officer and soldiers enter and, suspecting that Var- laam may be the escaped person they are in search of, the officer awakes him and shows him a warrant of arrest, but as Varlaam cannot read, he gives it to Gregory, who, while reading the warrant, inserts in the description a similarity between the fugitive and Varlaam.

At this Varlaam becomes incensed, and taking the warrant proceeds to speli his way through it, read- ing from it a description that tallies very closely with Gregory.

At the end he accuses Gregory of being the person sought, at which the Monk bolts from the room and makes his escape, followed by the soldiers in pursuit. The Tzar's appartments in the Palace of the Kremlin. Xenia who has recently lost her betrothed, is in deep sorrow. The nurse tries to comfort her and sings a song, and presently she and Theodore join in a game. The Tzar enters and persuades his daughter to go and seek distraction with her girl f riends.

Left alone with his son, the Tzar bemoans his fate and the disasters which seem to threaten him, and speaks of the spectre of the murdered boy which is always haunting him.

He sends his son to ascertain the cause of a commotion outside ; the Tzarevitch returns with the informa- tion that the servants are playing with the parrot.

Boris orders military precautions be taken and inquires of Shouisky if he had ever heard "that murdered boys would rise from their graves to harass the Tzars," and he wishes to be assured that the Prince had really seen the young Tzarevitch after he was dead. Left alone, he betrays great agony of mind, crying out that he was noU the assassin and prays to Heaven to purge his guilty soul. The scene opens in a garden before the Polish Castle of Mnichek.

Father Rangoni comes and tells him how much Marina loves him and how true she is to him. The two conceal themselves as the guests enter, among them Marina, leaning on the arm of a Polish noble, whose professions of love she refuses.

As they ali pass towards the Castle they refer to the attack that is being planned against Moscow and the hated Moscovites. Dimitri, who has rid himself of his companion, returns eager to see Marina. She soon makes her appearance and urges Dimitri to push his fortune and usurp the throne in the person of the murdered Tzarevitch Dimitri.

Her scorn spurs him on and he swears to lead the attack against Moscow and to seize the throne, of which Marina shall be the fair queen.

The next scene is the Forest of Kromy. Vagrants enter bringing with them the Boyar Khroustchov, whom they proceed to taunt. A Simpleton joins them and is himselP made the butt of the urchins in the crowd. They are attacked by the crowd and are dragged to be hanged, just as Dimitri and his troops make their appearance.

The last scene returns to the Palace of the Kremlin. A session of the Duma of' Boyars has met and is considering what judgment shall bc nieted out to the Usurper, and dire vengeance is threatened. Prince Shouisky joins them and tells them that he had played eavesdropper on the Tzar and has been witness of his secret agency. Boris appears, distracted, but takes his place at the head of the assembled Duma to discuss the matter before them. Shouisky begs that the Tzar will first grant audience to an old man who is waiting outside.

Pimenn enters and tells the Tzar how an aged shepherd had come to him and informed him that in a vision he had been bidden to go to the city of Ouglitch and into the Cathedral there and pray at the tomb of the young Tzarevitch Dimitri, and that as soon as he had done so, his blindness would be cured.

The Tzar who has listened to his narrative with great emotion, faints at its end, and Prince Shouisky rushes out to fetch the Tzarevitch Theodore.

Boris recovers consciousness and dismissing the Boyars, is left alone with his son, whom he counsels to reign wisely but justly, to crush the rebellion in. Lithuania, and to protect Xenia, his sister. The Tzar then prays aloud to Heaven to forgive him his crimes and falls to the floor. All'alzarsi del sipario, il popolo, in piccoli gruppi, penetra nella corte del convento. Movimenti svogliati, for- zati; andatura pigra ed indolente, I boiardi attraversano la scena, ed hanno alla testa il Principe Chom- sky.

Si dirigono verso il convento e scambiano saluti col popolo. Allor- quando i boiardi sono entrati nel convento, i contadini si agitano. Gli uni, specialmente le donne, osserva- no attraverso la porta del convento; gli altri parlano fra loro a bassa voce, grattandosi la nuca.

Entra V Ufficiale di Polizia. Il popolo si agglomera e resta immobile. Le donne, col viso appoggiato nel cavo della mano; gli uomini colle mani incrociate alla cintura, facendo gi- rare svogliatamente il berretto fra le loro mani. Ma siete di stucco?! Ma perchè tu ci abbandoni? Oh, di', a chi affidi il popol tuo? Senza padre or noi restiam. Deh, vedi il nostro pianto.

Il popolo ri- mane in ginocchio. Mitioukhe, di', Mitioukhe, Perchè que' lai? Al diavol, s'io lo so! Noi diam uno zar alla Russia! Oh, non far la principessa! Se ti piacque di vociar. Puoi la lingua or tracannar! As the curtain goes up, the populace enter the courtyard of the convent in little groups.

They move about rcluctantly and with awkward, in- dolent gait. The Boyars cross the stage with Prince Shouisky at thcir head. They approach the Convent and exchange greetings with the crowd, As soon as the Boyars have entered the Convent, the peasants bestir themselves; some, especially the women, peep through the door of the Convent; others converse in low tones, scratching their heads.

Enter the Police Officiai. The croivd closes together and remains motion- less; the women, resting their cheeks on the palms of their hands; the men, with their hands crossed at their zvaists, twirling their caps awkwardly. Police Official Brandishing a big stick, with zvhich he menaces the crowd, Well! Like stones ye are! A race of devils! Menacingly The Crowd Kneeling, their faces towards the Convent door.

But why dost thou abandon us? Say, to whom entrustest thou thy people? Remain we now without a Father! Ah, we implore thee. Deign to see us weeping.

The Police Officiai moves towards the Convent. Do thou protect us. Single voices in the Chorus. The Crowd remain kneeling. The deuce I know! A Tzar we give to Russia!

One of the Women. I can endure no more! My breath is gone! Give me a drink, my neighbor! Didst delight in shouting, Now chew thy tongue! Le Donne con asprezza. Ah, briccon, non c'insultar!

Ah, la sventura fuggiam! II nomignolo non vi garba? È piccante in verità! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahi. Mio caro Antonia, Deh, calma il furor.

Ma lasciaci fiatar, Se vuoi farci gridar! Noi vogliam fiatar, o mostro! Ma perchè tu ci abbandoni, O, padre?!. Oh, di', a chi affidi il popol tuo?. Buon padre, Noi qui t'imploriam! Deh, vedi il nostro pianto! Si toglie il berretto e saluta. Grand'è il dolor del popol de la Russia, Moscoviti!

Tutt'il Regno soffre e piange! Grand'è tua gloria su la terra. Gloria ai santi eletti! Gloria a la Russia! Gli eletti del Ciel, gli eletti de Ciel! Accorrete, o nubi nere Verso la Santa Russia!

Ye think to frighten iis? T is useless to cominand! Oh, Lord, what knavish folks! Let us be gone from bere, The misfortune flee! Let's avoid it, if we can. Harshly it sounds, 'tis true! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! The women again fall on their knees and the croivd remains motionless. Let's bear you shout! Have your backs the clout forgotten?

The Women, to the Police Officiai. My dear Anton, Please cahn thy rage But let US breathe, If thou wouldst have us shout!

We want to breathe, O monster! Then, shout yourselves hoarse! The Police Official mcnacing "ii'ith hls stick. The Crowd shouting aloud , But why dost thou abandon us, Oh, Father? The Police Official running towards the Crowd.

In vain the earnest appeal of Boyars and of the patriarch! Boris the throne declines. Great is the sorrow of Russià's people, Moscovians! The entire realm suffers and laments! On earth great is thy Glory, God Creator! Glory to the elect S. The elect of Heaven! Hanno una lunga tonaca con cap- puccio, e sono carichi di amuleti. S'appoggiano anche ad un lungo ba- stone. Il popolo si divide, al loro passaggio, e li saluta con devozione sincera.

Schiacciate il dragon, L'idra a dodici teste, coirali. Bestia difforme del disordin, dell'ini- quità! Proclamatel nel gran regno, Per il suo ben!

Distribuiscono amuleti al popolo. Dei miracol, gli iconi portate In procession, colle sante Vergini, Per incontrar Boris! Si dirigono verso il convento. Il canto s estingue gradatamente, Ed or cantiam la gloria al Dio pos- sente!

Grand'è la gloria tua. Una cella, nel convento del Miracolo. Pimenn scrive all'incerto chiarore d'una lucerna. Pimenn Interrompendo di scrivere. Interrompendo di scrivere Da molt'anni Dio mi rese testimon degli eventi Scuotendo la polver secolare, Trascriverà i veritier miei detti!

Carico d'anni, sento la primavera I di passati in me tumultan Come i marosi deiroceàn!. Jeri ancor, tutto vivea pieno d'eventi Il giorno sorge già, e la fiamma s'e- stingue. Coro di Frati neir interno. Dio potente e giusto, Ascolta i servi tuoi. Scaccia, Signor lo spirito maligno Lontan da' figli tuoi!

Tre volte il sogno istesso! E '1 vecchio Non riposa, e senza tregua scrive. Quand'il passato sorge nel suo spirto. Calmo e sublime, egli registra i fatti. Grigori avzncinandosi a Pimenn e salutan- dolo profondamente. O, padre amato, mi benedici. Pimenn si alza e lo benedice.

Di Dio la santa benedizion. Ti segua ovunque, ed anche in Ciel! I Frati nelV interno. Perchè, o Signore, ci abbandonasti Tu? Pimenn siede, Grigori si alza esclamando, Grigori. Tu scrivesti senza chiuder ciglio; Ma '1 sonno mio fu ognor turbato Da sogni diabolici, orrendi. Per una scala angusta M'arrampicai e scorsi. Il popol giù, furente, m'oltraggiava, E segnandomi a dito mi beffava! L'onta e '1 terror m'invaser. Io caddi dalla torre. They also carry long staffs for support.

The Crozvd opens a passage for them and greets them with sincere devo- tion. Guides and Pilgrims in sonorous tones. The dragon crush, The twelve headed hydra, with wings Shapeless beast of disorder and sin! Through ali the realm proclaim it For his good! They distribute amulets among the crowd , Sacred garments don These images, the icons wear In procession with the Blessed Vir- gins, Boris to meet!

Great is Thy Glory, God Creator! The curtain descends slowly. A celi in the Convent of Miracles. Pimenn is writing by the uncertain light of a lamp. Pimenn ceasing to write. Ceasing to write For many years God made me witness these events. Remains thoughtful Burdened with years, I feel the spring. The days long gone, astir within me, Like billows of the oceani. But yesterday, a busy, bustling life, To-day, cairn and silence! The day already dawns and the flame siidcs low!

He writes One more fact. Banish the evil spirit. Lord, Far from Thy sons! Gregory awaking , Ever that dream! Thrice the same vision! It terrifies me, horrible nightmare. And the aged man Rests not, but writes unceasingly.

Sleep has not touched his eyes! That humble monk, how admiràble, When surges through his mind the past. Sublime and calm, he chronicles his facts! Gregory approaching Pimenn and bowing lozv. Oh, beloved father, thy blessings. The Monks within , Why, Lord, didst Thou abandon us?

Pimenn seats himself; Gregory rises exclaiming: Thou didst write, with eyes that rested not; My sleep was ever troubled By a diabolic dream — most terrible!

On a narrow stair I climbed and saw, From a height, Moscow — as an ant's nest! The raving crowd below abused me. And, their fingers pointing, jeered me. Shame and terror invading my soul, I fell from the tower. Arde il giovanil tuo sangue. I pensier, in corrotte vision Si trasforman.

Anch'io, quand'una sera Lascio nel sonno addormentar Io spirto, Senz'innalzar al Ciel la mia preghiera, Perdo '1 riposo, e la notte è turbata Vedo allor degli osceni convivi. Le lotte, le battaglie, E le follie commesse nella mia gio- ventù! Brillanti furon i tuoi primanni! Ti battesti da eroe sotto Kazàn, E le truppe nemiche respingesti. Del Zar Terribil, lo splendore hai visto. Ma io, novizio dall'infanzia, Vivo nella mia cella, frate umil!

L'ebbrezza di battaglie e dei festini. Oh, credi a me. Da lungi ci seduce il suo fulgor, E l'amor delle donne ci lusinga.

Oh, ben sovente, essi abbandonan Lo scettro e l'aurea porpora, La fulgida corona, Per l'aspro saio del frate. Cercando in un convento E pace e calma Pensoso e buon, Ivan, lo Zar Terribil, Avea per noi parole di clemenza. E vidi ne' suoi occhi ognor severi. Per il rimorso le lagrime brillar. E '1 bianco volto come un sol splendè Oh, non avrem più mai, simile Zar!

Come Signor Noi ci Siam dati, un regicida infame! Si ed end osi accanto al tavolo di Pimenn. Ei regnerebbe Ma Dio non l'ha voluto! Collorrendo delitto di Boris lo Zar, Il mio sunto stasera io vo' finir. Tu sei un dotto.

Ebben, ti lego l'opra mia. Scrivi senza indugiar; ma fedelmente, Tutto quello che hai visto e che vedrai. E guerra e pace è il regno degli Zar, Le profezie del Ciel ed i presàgi. Suona già il mattutin. Veglia, Signor, Sui figli tuoi. Accordaci la grazia, Dio clemente, O, buon Signor! Padre che regni su noi Eterno e giusto!

Pimenn s allontana con raccoglimen- to. Grigori Vaccompagna fino alla porta poi ritorna ed esclama. Aflame is thy youthful blood From fasting. Thoughts, in corrupted visions, Themselves transform. Then rise before me sinful scenes convivial, And fights and battles, The follies of my youth.

Brilliant thy early years, When under Kazàn thou wert hero And the enemy's troops thou over- camest. The Terrible Tzar's splendor hast thou seen. But I, at infancy a novice, Live in my celi a humble monk! I, too, wish to taste these joys — The thrilling scenes of battle and of banquets.

Gavest thou up The world! From afar its dazzle tempts us, And woman's love allures. Think, my son, of the splendor of the Tzars, So powerful they are, and yet, Oh, often, they leave behind them The sceptre and the royal purple, The golden crown, For the rough garb of monks, Seeking in the privacy of a convent Rest and peace. In this celi When St. Cyril the Just lived here I saw here that Tzar!. That Tzar was weeping.

He becomcs absorbcd in deep thought His son, Tzar Theodore Trans formed his room Into two dismal cells Heaven loved that Tzar, the good, the adored! Under his mie ali Russia Lived in peace ; and when for him too The hour struck, a great miracle I saw accomplished His room was fiUed with a sharp, acrid odor, But his pale face shone like the sun.

Oh, never shall we bave such a Tzar! Heaven has punished us! Thine age he would be. And on the throne ; But God willed it otherwise! Brother Gregory, Learned thou art thou lovest science Well, to thee I bequeath my labors. In the distance the tolling of bells is hcard, calling to matins. Lord, watch O'er thy sons.

To Gregory Hand me the staff. Pimenn zvalks away absorbed in thought. Gregory accompanies him to the do or, then returns and ex- claims: Nessun osa lagnarsi Della sorte crudel di quel f anciul. Eppur qui, nella sua cella un frate, Svela l'orrendo tuo misfatto E la giustizia dei mortai, quaggiù.

La piazza, fra le due cattedrali della Assunzione e degli Arcangeli. Il sacrato della prima è alla destra, quello della seconda si scorge in distanza, rimpetto agli spettatori.

Sulla piazza, Ù popolo inginocchiato. Le campane suonano a distesa, in segno di festa. I figli dei Boiardi. Tchelkalov, con bastone dello Zar, poi ancora degli Streltzi. Vengono poscia i Boiardi, i diaconi, etc, etc. La Processione attraversa la scelta, passando fra la folla, ed entra nella Cattedrale delV Assun- zione. Gli streltzi si dispongono in fila sul sacrato. Salve a te, Zar Boris Theodorovich! Salute ed ogni ben al nostro Zar! Gloria al bel sol del vasto ciel!

Sia gloria al nostro Zar, a Zar Boris! La processione ritorna dalla Catte- drale, preceduta dalle trombe degli Streltzi.

Lungo regno al buon Zar! Festa è per te, popol di Russia, Glorifica il tuo buon Zar! I Boiardi dal Sacrato. Evviva lo Zar Boris Theodorovich. Tchelkalov e i boiardi seguono la processione, e si dispongono, descri- vetido un mezzo cerchio, fra i sch- crati delle due cattedrali.

Sia gloria in Russia a Zar Boris! Gloria, gloria al buon Zar! Boris, appare sul sacrato. Boris i figli suoi: Teodoro e Xenia, lo seguono.

Trist'è T mio cor!. La tema incessante Dell'arcano nefasto, Mi rode l'alma! O, mio avo regali Tu vedi dal Ciel le lagrime nostre. Invia la tua santa benedizion Su me, sul Regno. Oh, rendimi buon e giusto come te, E '1 mio tron felice sia!

Or salutiam i defunti Sovran De la Russia! Il mio popol avrà la sua festa! Boris entra nella cattedrale Il Popolo.

Sia gloria in Russia a Zar. Fra le ovazioni entusiastiche, Boris esce dalla Cattedrale e si dirige ai suoi appartamenti. Il velario s'ab- bassa, fra le grida del popolo: Ali before thee bow, None dares complain Of that boy's sad fate. But bere, in bis celi, a monk Discloses thy borrible misdeeds And tbe justice of mortals bere below Sball strike tbee..

The churchyard of the first is at tight, that of the second in the distance facing the audience. In the Square the people are kneeling. The bells are ringing loudly. Then follow in arder the Boyars, the deacons, etc. The Pro- cession crosses the stage, passing through the crowd, and enters the Cathedra] of the Assumption. The Streltzi arrange themselves in files in the churchyard. Hail to tbee, Tzar Boris Theodoro- vicb!

Healtb and ali good to our Tzar! Glory to tbe fair son of tbe vast sky! Glory be to our Tzar, our Tzar Boris! Long reign to tbe good Tzar! Tliis is a f estai day for ye, O people of Russia! Glori fy your good Tzar! Long live the Tzar, Boris Tbeodo- rovicb! Long live tbe Tzar! O Box Zanzibar P. Box P. Anton am Arlberg St. Anton im Montafon St. Barbara de Samana St. Christina in Gröden St. Georgen am Längs St. Georgen am Längsee St. Georgen im Attergau St. Georgen ob Murau St.

Hilaire de Riez St. Jakob im Defereg St. Jakob im Rosental St. Jakob in Defereggen St. Jakob in Defreggen St. Johann am Tauern St. Johann im Ahrnta St. Johann im Ahrntal St. Johann im Pongau St. Presentazione Condizioni generali di vendita. Bonjour, Bienvenue sur ma boutique principale, Vous trouverez ici des: San-Antonio , romans policiers , espionnage , science fiction , et autres Vous trouverez aussi des magazines: Paris Match , Géo , et autres Vous trouverez aussi des Cartes postales , des Chromos , des Pin's , des Publicités papier.

N'hésitez pas explorer mes listes pour regrouper des achats, optimiser vos frais de port.. Cliquez ici pour accéder à de nombreux articles "prix en baisse" Les envois sont faits en France vers la France et le reste du Monde.

Avant tout paiement merci d'attendre mon récapitulatif dans lequel vous aurez toutes les informations nécessaires montant, références bancaires, coordonnées Compte tenu de la diversité d'articles proposés, et des possibilités d'envoi vers le Monde entier, je ne peux pas tous les indiquer ici.

Les frais de port correspondent au tarif en vigueur de La Poste, au centime près, sans majoration.

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He drinks; to Grigory. Love ebriety, not temperance. To the devil go!. Thou mayest drink ' without losing thy reason, Father Varlaam.

I need it not, see! He crosscs his arms over the table and goes to sleep, singing in loiv tones Tis the good man. Tis the good man. Hostess, whither leads that path? He is a man. A greàt good man. And verily a gentleman! Teli me, hostess, is it far? No, my friend, near it is ; Even to-day thou canst be there. But be careful at the barriers. A culprit has escaped, Ali travellers are arrested.

And then spirited away. So has my hope Forever vanished? Sq is the wretch, Caught by the wine, Snatching a little nap But knowest thou whom they seek?

I know not rightly. But the bowmen leave us no peace! Ma credi tu ch'arrestino i ladron? Poiché l'altro cammin posson varcar Svoltar devi a sinistra, Per questo sentier. Allor anche una bimba Ti potria condur. Ma sai, questo spionaggio è una tal piaga Per l'infelice popol. Ed anche più per noi, povere ostesse! È il buon uomo Ma cos'è quel rumor? È il buon uomo! Poveri frati ed umil religiosi Facciam la quèstua, nelle città e nei borghi.

Presso il gran borgo io vivo. Non c'è da far col giovin! I fedeli amano l'or. E più nulla pel Signor! Ma nulla ti von dar, O un misero copec! Noi, pel dolor, all'osteria veniam! Ostessa quasi supplicando V ufficiai e. Signor, abbi pietà della tua serva. Varlaam mentre l'uffiziale scruta il suo volto. Da Mosca un erètico fuggi, Grichka Otrepiev. E sai tu legger? But thinkest thou they will catch the thieves? Not even in their dreams For they can use the other road.

Now hear me carefully. Turn to the ieft thou must. When following this path. After that even a child Could lead thee. But certainly this spying is indeed a plague For the unhappy people. And for us, poor hostesses, much more so!.

Varlaam stretching himself , Tis the good man. But what's ali this racket? In very truth it is those rascals! Soldiers enter in silence and observe the vagrants.

Tis the good man!.. Poor friars and humble churchmen Collecting alms throughout the land. He is a comrade. Near the great town I live. I accompany these monks. And shall return home after. Nothing to be gained from the youth! We'U try the monks. Well, fathers, how did the begging fare? The f aithf ul love their gold. And nothing for the Lord!. Great is the injustice! But with nothing they part, Not even a paltry Kopek!

We, in sorrow, seek the inn! Good sir, bave pity on thy servant. Here, Aliokha, give me the edict, Thou hast it. From Moscow a heretic has escaped, Grishka Otrepiev. The Tzar orders his arrest Alive or dead. Dost thou not understand? Knowest thou how to read? Ma che vuoi tu? Chi di voi sa legger? Il brigante evase in Lituania. Lo zar ordina d'im- padronirsi". Il senso bisogna capir.

Varlaam tutti si slanciano su Varlaam, che li respinge bruscamente. No, basta la burla. Grigori rincula fino alla porta, colla mano destra sotto la giubba "di taglia media Ma Grichka sei tu! Grigori agita il coltello e fugge dalla finestra.

Tutti colpiti, pietrificati dallo stupore. Passato il momento di stupore, cor- rono tutti alla porta e continuano a. Gli appartamenti del Zar Boris al Kremlino a Mosca. A sinistra, un globo terrestre su d'una piccola ta- vola, alla quale Teodoro è seduto, leggendo II Libro del Gran Dise- gno''.

A destra, un tavolo da lavoro, accanto al quale siede Xenia. Vicino ad essa, su d'uno sgabello, lavora la Nutrice. Verso il proscenio un'am- pia poltrona. Di fronte un orologio a carillon e a figure movibili. Xenia stringendo fra le mani un medaglione, col ritratto del suo fidanzato, piange. E là sotterra, riposa il mio ben. Lontan dalla sua Xenia!.

Tu dormi sol, sotto la fredda pietra, E non vedi '1 mio strazio. I lai di chi t'ama, e langue per te!. Xo, son, God taught me not! Then, look at the edict. But what dost thou want? Which of you can read?

The brigand escaped into Lithuania. The Tzar orders that he be captured. But it does not say so bere. The sense must be under- stood. Ali hurl themselves upon Varlaam ivho repulses thcm violently. Enough of this farce. Grigory retreats to the door, his right hand under his Mouse ; "of middle height Grigory brandishing a knife escapes by the window , All stricken motionless by surprise Tis he!

Recovering from their surprise all rush to the door and continue their shouts from behind the sccnes, Stop the thief! Close by her, on a stool, the nurse is busv at work, Ncar front of stage a large arm-chatr. At rear a musical clock, with auto- matic figures.

Xenia holding a medallion portrait of her betroth ed ; wceping. Beneath the sod rests my beloved. Far from his Xenia!. Sleepest thou alone, under the coki stone. And dost not see my pangs. The grief of her who loves thee and for thee languishes! Cessa, mia graziosa Zare- vna. Il cor si spezza, e soffro tanto!. Ti calma, o cara. Lagrime di fidanzati Le asciuga il sol come la brina.

No, mia nutrice, No! Languiva una donzella Perchè amava un bel garzon. O, colomba, scaccia la tristezza, E non pensarci più. Senti la mia canzon: Un moscon legna tagliava, E pei re Tacqua tirava. La pulce saltellante Gli faceva da aiutante. Giunge un farfallon, Nel pardin del Pope Illon- — Ei comincia a svolazzar Ed il fieno a mangiucchiar — S'arrabbia il moscon Con far da padron, E prende un ramoscel Per scacciare quel ribel.

Ma in suo soccorso, lesta, Corse la pulce mesta. Oh, com'è strana la tua canzon. Dopo le nozze, tu suoni a morto? Mio Zarevic, Ne sai tu, dunque, delle più gaie? Ivan, lo Zar terribile. O, cara, io t'assicuro.

Teodoro incita la Nutrice a giuocare — Girano in tondo e, battendo le mani, cercano d'essere i primi a dar- si un colpo, — Teodoro. Una gallina fece una vitella E fece un uovo il porcellin. Seria novella Pe' sciocchi e pe' bambin. Dove porti tu quel gran? Ma là un gufo troverai. Teodoro e la Nutrice. Facciam insiem zin zin Contenti danziam, Orsù tutti invitiam.

Del diacon, nel cortil, È rinchiuso un passerin. Un nibbio ei non è; ma un uccellin gentil. Ha il becco lungo, bianco, ed è carin. Come, my gracefiil Tza- revna, W'eep no more. My heart is breaking and I siiffer. Cairn thyself, dear one, Tears of those betrothed By the' snn are dried like hoar-frost. So vast the earth, some handsome youth, Gentle and slender, thou shalt know, And the one that died thou shalt for- get!

No, my nurse, No! I love him stili and always shall. Once a maiden languished Because she loved a handsome lad. But the art fui rogue vanished. Yet even she consoled herself. O, dispel thy sorrow, my dove, And think no more of it. Listen to my song! A big fly was cutting wood And water drawing for the king.

A jumping flea assisted him. Fluttering about he flew And munched the hay as he did The big fly angry grows, With lordly mien, He takes a little twig To chase the rebel. Disaster for the big fly, though His stick he badly throws And broken is his back, While the othcr flew away! But nimble to his succor Ran the grieving little fly, Jumped upon his back And helped him ardently.

The little one bled soon to death, Confcssing to the bigger fly That for him she died. Then to heaven she flew awav! Oh, how funny is thy song. After the wedding thou tollest the bells. My Tzarovitcb, Knowest then some gayer ones? Patience I shall bave for thee, Ivan the terrible Tzar This lesson taught us when he ruled.

Oh, I assure thee, dear They move around in a circlc, clap- ping their hands, each trying to strike the other first, Theodore. Hear this fable; it is rich. A ben bore a calf. And the little pig laid an egg. A serious novel For children and ninnies. Too — roo, too— roo, my chick, W'here takest that grain, To a distance surely To Kiev thou shalt go And fly on the tree. But there an owl thou wilt find.

Theodore and the Nurse. He winks his eye. Here flutters the bird. Zin, zin, urchin, Let's say together: And contentedly dance, Come now, ali we invite, Dance we will! Theodore, In the deacon's yard A little sparrow is engaged. Not a hawk he is ; but a gentle fledg- ling. With a long, white bill, and he's a dear. To visit a friend he went awav.

E il gufo gli disse pian pian: Il diacono e sua moglie, or or si bat- teran! Per il festin I bei pasticcin. Arrivano i signor; Son già sul piatto d'or. Gli arcier, giunti da lontan, Mangion, bevon. Dà un colpo alla Nutrice. La Nutrice scorge Boris e io saluta a bassa voce. Appena fidanzata, e già vedova!. O, Sovrano, che Tamar mio pianto Non ti rattristi. Boris accarezzando i capelli di sua figlia.

Raggiungi nel terem le tue compagne. Xenia e la Nutrice escono — Boris se- gue sua figlia, affettuosamente, collo sguardo triste. E tu, figliuol che leggi? La carta di Moscovia, Da un punto all'altro il Regno.

Ed il Mar Caspio. Poi di Perm le folte boscaglie. D'un batter d'occhio, come dall'alto. Tu puoi contemplar l'intero regno. Frontiere, fiumi e città. Si dirige verso la poltrona — Prende delle pergamene, che si trovano sulla tavola, e le scorre distrattamente. Ho il poter supremo! Da cinque anni già, stringo lo scettro. E l'alma cerca ognor la dolce tregua. Un regno lungo, savio e tranquil Ne gloria né gli evviva. Inclina il capo pensoso. Nella famiglia, invan cercai la gioia.

Della mia Xenia, la pura colomba. Il cor si spezza e soffre. Per soffocar gli atroci rimorsi Ai Santi innalzai le preci mie. And the owl said softly, softly: The deacon and his wife, each other will thrash very soon.

But his ears got scorched. To the banqiiet set The lords arrive; Nice little cakes On golden plates are ready. The bowmen, who come from a far, Eat and drink A cow and an ox the officer eats, And pheasants six hundred too, To fili his great big paunch! The Nurse catching sight of Boris and greeting him in a lozv voice.

A great hawk the little ones threatens? My Sovereign, forgi ve me. An old woman am I and timorous. Scarcely betrothed, and yet a widow!.

Oh, my Sovereign, let not my bitter weeping Distress thee. So small a thing is my pain Compared with thine own grief. Boris stroking his daughter s hair. Go, join thy girl friends in the tcrcm: Thou must divert thysclf Boris looks affectionately but sadly at his daughter, Go, my daughter! The map of Moscow, From one end of the Realm to the other, See: And the Caspian Sea. At a glance, as from above, The entire realm thou mayest con- template, Frontiers, rivers and towns. It may happen some day.

The supreme power I bave! For five years I bave held the sceptre. And my soul stili seeks sweet peace. The magicians in vain foretold me: Nothing attracts me more! Nor glory nor applause. Nothing can seduce me now! My daughter's nuptials I prepared My Xenia's, my pure dove.

God's implacable band weighed O'er this nefarious soul of mine, And the future appears so dark, With no trace of hope! My heart is rent and grievous My soul is vexed. To smother my atrocious remorses To the Saints my prayers I raised. Come animai gli affamati accrescon, E '1 Regno inter piange e soffre! E'I nome sacro di Boris L'esecran tutti! Da me '1 sonno sfuggi. Ma non ottenne grazia!. Vedo ancor la piaga orrenda.

Sento 1 rantol d'agonia Cade accasciato sulla poltrona, Oh, Dio! Boris al Boiardo della Corte, che entra. Il Boyardo della Corte. Il Boiardo della Corte a bassa voce, ali orecchio di Boris. Da Cracovia giunse un corrier con. O, padre mio, Sovran. Io non so se deggio turbar Lo spirto tuo per una celia. Il nostro pappagal Popignka, faceva il ciarlon Colle nutrici, che di lui ridevan, E dava a loro il picciol capo Chiedendo le carezze e i pasticcin.

La balia, arrabbiata, lo prese pel collo Le donne lo calman, gli danno dei dolci, E poi, tutte in coro, gli chiedon perdon. Imbronciato cela il becco sotto l'ala. Sgrida la nutrice, poi l'ingiuria, E a tradimento, piomba sulla donna. Great scoiirges and pest and iamine! Like beasts, the famished multiply, And the whole realm weeps and siif- fers! These awfiil ills that Heaven For my crime, sends down on me, My people ascribe to me alone!

And Boris's sacred name Is loathed by ali! Sleep has flown f rom me. But no mercy he obtained!. I stili see the ghastly wound. The death-rattle of agony I stili bear The Nurses front behind the scenes , Hey! Boris to his son. Go see what it is.

The Nurses front behind the scenes , Pst! Boris to the Court Boyar who enters. What dost thou want? My noble Sovereign, Prince Shouisky comes to thee, Most humbly.

Let him enter, with irony I am glad to see the Prince. I like to bear him. A courier has arrived from Cracow with. The Boyar goes out. To Theodore who enters Well? O, my f ather, my Sovereign. I know not if I should trouble Thy mind with a trifling matter. Yes, yes, my boy, speak. Theodore seafing himself on Boris s knecs. Our parrot Popignka was chattering With the nurses, who made sport of him; He held out to them his little head Bagging caresses and cakes.

The nurse, Nastia, refused him ber kisses. Popignka, much provoked, called ber "silly". In anger the nurse caught him by the neck. Shrieking, Popignka bristled his feath- ers. Then, the women to sooth him, gave him sweets, And ali in chorus asked his pardon.

Under his wing he sulkily hides his beak. S'allarmano le altre e, con paura, Gridan, cercando farlo entrar ne la gabbia. Con qual'arte e con qual grazia M'hai tutto raccontato. Oh, come tu sai bene, senz'orpel.

La tua saggezza appar ed i tuoi studi. Oh, se avessi la gran gioia Di vederti regnar, Di saperti Zar di Russia! Oh, come tosto, Sdegnando il mondo inter, Per questo gaudio Ti darei lo scettro grave!. Ah, glorioso ciarlatan, Ed abil condottier d'insana folla.

Capo ribel dei boiardi infedel, Nemico del trono, dello Zar, Vii mentitor, tre volte spergiur, Adulator, ipocrita, Fabbricator d'ostia, vestito da boiar- do,. Apporto nuove che ti turberan.

Parli delle azion d'antichi amici tuoi Tutti in disgrazia, Che il segreto corrier ti fé' conoscer? Un impostor si fa credere Zar. Il Re, il papa, credon tutti a lui. Ma sotto qual nome, si cela il traditor? Qual nome assume Timpostor? Pei tuoi favor, pel zel, per il tuo core. Conquidere sai tu l'alma di tutti, E son devoti alla tua maestà! Zar, o nobil mio sovran. Benché tutt'il mio cor si schianti dal dolor.

O, Sovran, permettimi ch'io resti presso te. Conoscer vo' il periglio che mina il tuo poter! Zarevic, Zarevic, devi obbedir! Gli Zar lee- gittimi, Eletti dal popolo?!. Zar, consacrati dal gran patriarca?! The others in alarm, with frightened cries, Try to Iure him to his cage. Popka, with increasing fury, tries ali to bite. Yes, my Sovereign, this caused the bustle! Popka it was who disturbed thy serious thoughts. Boris caressing his son with intense feeling. With what art and grace Thou hast related ali.

Leonard im Pitzt St. Leonhard im Pitz St. Leonhard im Pitztal St. Leonhard in Passeier St. Margarethen im Lungau St. Maria di Leuca St. Martin am Grimming St. Martin am Tennengebirge St. Martin bei Lofer St. Martin im Sulmtal St. Martin in Passei St. Martin in Passeier St. Michael im Lungau St.

Michael ob Bleiburg St. Nikolai im Sausal St. Paul im Lavanttal St. Peter am Kammersberg St. Primus am Klopeiner S St. Stefan am Walde St. Alors que le formulaire Delcampe ne permet de ne proposer ou d'imposer qu'un seul type d'envoi, j'adresse un récapitulatif complet détaillé présentant les différentes possibilités d'envoi de 2 à 12 propositions selon vos achats et les différents moyens de paiement; vous pourrez choisir le type d'envoi et le moyen de paiement qui vous convient. Skrill supprimé en janvier Invio dopo il pagamento.

Rimborso dell'oggetto se non soddisfatti Per conoscere i termini per il reso e per il rimborso dell'oggetto consulta la Carta Delcampe. Tutto Delcampe Tutto Delcampe. Carta da Collezione moderna. Tutte le parole Una di queste parole L'espressione esatta Sintassi avanzata.

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Notte e giorno Sogna all'amor e vive per Marina! Afferrando Chomsky pel collo. Into the depths of my heart thou dost seek to enter, And liest to snatch f rom me the great secret. Boris stroking his daughter s hair. Son'io che ti chiamo. Oh, credi a me.

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Here, you may enter! How can I serve These holy pilgrims?